Who we are

We are the team of two full-stack Yii freelancers. We've got a lot of experience with both Yii/Yii2 development.

What we do

We provide a rich list of services related with web-development. It includes:

Project management
  • Creating of the technical design specifications
  • Work planning and scheduling
  • Team management
  • Clean and transparent workflow using collaboration and management tools
Backend Development
  • Application and database design
  • Web development using modern Yii/Yii2 PHP frameworks
  • Both SQL and NoSQL data storage
  • Clear and well documented code
Frontend Development
  • Layout conversion from PSD to HTML
  • Full HTML5 and CSS3 coverage
  • Modern frameworks support: Twitter Bootstrap, ZURB Foundation, jQuery, AngularJS, React, Derby, Meteor, Knockout and many more
  • Yii-based projects hardening and improvement
  • Performance audit
  • LAMP/LEMP systems administration
  • Software, database and systems optimisations


You can check our profiles on public services: Odesk GitHub


Contact information

Please feel free to contact us using our email: [email protected]